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  • Mission Statement

    CIMS Group of Colleges craves to craft a legion equipped with current knowledge along with longstanding expertise, skillful career-holders not litrate jobless, cultural human beings not people, persons not masses. With these objectives, we strive to set new trends of promoting
    quality education.

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  • Patron-in-cheif's Message

    Mian Abdul Rasheed(L):

    A man of greater ideas, social sympathies and creative vision Mian Abdul Rasheed has worked in all spheres of life. His morally elevated, rock-determined, and compassionate personality has always been a moral and spiritual force for the society. His doors are on no account...

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  • Chairperson's Message

    By choosing CIMS, you will join one of the most prominent independent colleges in Lahore. As a long-term establishment, we pride ourselves on providing quality education in a supportive learning environment. The deep commitment of this institution has allowed us to understand from experience what you need..

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  • Why CIMS?

    In just eleven years, we are home to more than 53000 alumni students. We are large enough to ensure a breadth of academic and social activities, but have retained a strong sense of community and close links with surrounding area. In a recent survey, many of our students remarked that they had...

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